How do I know what size Lokai to get?

To check what size you should order in our silicone styles, please refer to our size guide.


For Lokai 2.0 styles, please see below.

  • Cuff - one size fits all, you can mold it to fit your wrist
  • Multi Bead - S/M and L/XL with adjustable pull
  • Single Wrap - S,M,L,XL  with loop closure
  • Triple Wrap -S,M,L,XL with loop closure

How do they fit? 

  • When compared to silicone
  1. Small silicone; 2.0 size = S (tighter fit) or M (looser fit)
  2. Medium silicone; 2.0 size = M (tighter fit) or L (looser fit)
  3. Large Silicone; 2.0 size = Large
  4. XL Silicone; 2.0 size = XL